"RURITAGE - Rural Regeneration through systemic heritage- led strategies" initiated by the University Bologna, Italy has received funding from the European Union's research and innovation programme. 
In December 2017, the rural development project called "RURITAGE – Rural Regeneration Through Systemic Heritage-led Strategies" initiated by the University of Bologna gained support within the program Horizon 2020.

40 partners from 20 countries participate in the 4-year project. The central paradigm of the project is that the cultural and natural heritage of rural areas can be the driving force for sustainable development and competitiveness; according to this, 14 Role Models will be chosen from countries with outstanding practices, and these models will be put in practice in countries that are willing to implement them (Replicators, six countries/participants worldwide) through international knowledge transfer. The project identifies six innovation areas where good practices come from, and which will be the focus of attention of the implementing parties: sustainable local production, resilience, migration, arts and festivals, integrated landscape management and pilgrimage. Association Pro Educatione will participate in the knowledge transfer processes as a model for pilgrimage and as a mentor and supporter of replicator organizations. In addition to knowledge transfer, both types of participants (models and replicators) will benefit from the resource ecosystem (including an atlas of resources, a replication toolkit, online platform etc.) produced by the project.

The project's developments can be followed on the project's and the association's Facebook pages. 


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