Pro Educatione as a network for adult education and training joins the forces of those adult education institutions and organizations together, that represent Christian values within the Alba Iulia Diocese in Transylvania. It is the advocacy coalition of catholic adult education.
It envisions a local society where there is community responsiveness to knowledge, the network for adult education built upon Christian values animates the local society and community by offering education and training programs, and all possible positive alternatives for spending (free)time. The association integrates into the socialization structures and processes, influences social decisions and with its particular appearance represents the positions of Christian adult education, meaning the education and training of responsible, conscious, environmentally friendly and solidar adults/individuals.

Founders of the Association:
  • The Alba Iulia Diocese
  • The Caritas Organization
  • Association KALOT

Main activities of the Network
  • Harmonize the adult education programs within the Alba Iulia Diocese
  • Internal and external communication
  • Professional and financial support for member organization
  • Scholarship programs
  • Capacity-building
  • Collaboration with professional forums
  • Establishing knowledge database
  • Organizing conferences
  • Research

Might become internal (full) members of the network the organizations that simultaneously meet the following conditions:
  • Undertake the Christian values, and bring a letter of recommendation from a priest or bishop
  • Are organizations with an interest in, and committment to adult education
  • Are legally constituted (registered organizations)

The Network is open towards actors that can not fulfill the above mentioned criteria, or want not to become full members. In such cases the parties work together according to their Cooperation Agreement.

Services offered by the Network
  • Team-building
  • Professional forums
  • Knowledge database, methodological center
  • Further education
  • Spiritual programs
  • Generating international relationships
  • Counseling, mentoring
  • Discounts and mediation in using the common infrastructure and potentials of the Network
  • Advocacy coalition
  • Monitoring tenders and applications
  • Fundraising
  • Publication of books, leaflets, newsletters
  • Website and branding.

Looking back – summing up our professional experiences from 2016
In 2016 we succeded to move forward in working together with our network member organizations, and realized more sinergy in networking. We talked less about the network, but accomplished more joint activites and programs that show a better functioning and already the benefits of networking. We can say that the sinergy in diocesan adult education is more deep and practically grounded now.
The two network meetings run in a very good mood, were based on sharing professional experiences, people honestly got involved and took part in meaningful discussions. It was good to think and create together: we managed to write a common project in that all network member organizations found their roles and tasks.
It also gives us a good feeling that we could help each others’ work in severaal respects. There have been initiatives in that Pro Educatione only helped the birth of new but necessary practical training programs. Here the number of participants shows that training topics related to people’ everyday life and existential questions are welcomed. Furthermore, it meant a significant disencumber for the operative staff of Pro Educatione that Association Áradat undertake the editorial coordination of journal Kisokos-Nagyokos in 2016, and 3 new issues could came out.
The operative staff of Pro Educatione initialized training offers for new target groups. At the beginning of the year we run an entrepreneurial training dedicated to young entrepreneurs and adults who intend to establish their own business. During spring we managed to organize a mentor’s training, after that mentors realized to train and/or counsell youth in their career and further education plans. Mentors’ and youth feedbacks show the need for such programs in special for rural schools. At the end of the year we organized activities for religion teachers and other church staff showing and teaching the pedagogical methods of Franz Kett.
It was a challenge from several respects the SMART Erasmus+ project we joined this year. Pro Educatione is the coordinator of this international project, managing the cooperation between 5 organizations from 4 different countries. Together with coordination we do manage all the financial issues as well. Regarding its content the project brings novelties since it aims to create a web-based tool that evaluates informally acquired skills and competences, and matches the individual profiles with job offers present in the system. The overall aim of the project is to help low skilled and low educated people in getting more chances on labour market.
At the end of the year we succeded to start our new website, on that we try to collect and show the network member organizations’ adult educational offer. Year 2016 proved us that a better functioning and a productive future depends on alliances and well organized networking.
Association Institutio Pro Educationem Transilvaniensis
Network for Adult Education and Training
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